July 3, 2021 -- Inwood, IA -- Demo Derby -- 6:30pm


Team Demolition Derby - 80's & Newer Hobo Full size: $3000- $2000- $1000- $500
Heavy Hitter: $500
Team Entry Fee - cars & drivers: $150     Pit Pass: $25

RULES:   80's & Newer Hobo Full size rules

Limited to First 24 teams - 2 Man teams. Head up heats 1 vs 1
Opens Sunday Nov 1, 2020 at 8am
You must email: to enter.
Once I receive your email, I'll send a confirmation email back to you with details on where to send payment.
You'll be required to make payment within 7 days from your confirmation email.

Additional classes will be added in the next couple weeks.

All advertised Prize Money is GUARANTEED!!!!

CASH only the day of the event

For info call: 515-971-1328

July 17th -- Floyd County Fair - Charles City, IA -- Demo Derby -- 7pm

Full size Light Weld: $1200- $900- $600- $300- $200

RULES:   Full size Light Weld rules

Limited Weld Full-size Trucks: $1000- $500- $300- $150

RULES:   Limited Weld Truck rules

Compacts: $800- $500- $300- $100 plus trophy

RULES:   Compacts rules

Power Wheel derby: Ages 4-9. Free Entry for kids

All Classes Entry fee: $40     Pit-Pass: $20

All advertised Prize Money is GUARANTEED!!!!

CASH Only the day of the event


For info call: 515-462-5775

August 6th & 7th -- Stanton, NE -- Demo Derby -- 7pm both nights

Power Wheels demo derby both nights: Free Entry.
Ages 4-9yrs old. Adults must have pit pass


2 Man Team Derby- Full-size Lite Weld: 1 Old Iron & 1 New Style or 2 New
6 Team Heat
1 Overflow team heat of 8 teams -
90's & Newer Compact:
$700- $400- $200- $100- $100

RULES:   Stanton Team rules


80's & Newer Hobo Full size:
$1000- $700- $500- $200- $100

RULES:   80's & Newer Hobo Full size rules

Light Weld Full size Regular Derby: $1200- $900- $600- $400- $100

RULES:   Full size light weld rules

Team Features
$8000- $4000- $3000- $2000- $1500- $1000- $800- $200
B-Feature: $2000- $1500- $1000- $600- $500
Team Heavy Hitter: $1000 both feature!

Team Entry fee: $200/team
Driver's Entry Fee for non-team show: FREE
Pit-Pass: $25 or $40-2day
Admission: $15 - Ages 13 & above, 12 & under free

For Info Call: 515-971-1328

R&R Destruction Promotions specializes in promoting auto, truck demolition, and figure eight races. R&R's simple philosophy is to provide driver's and spectators with the best possible event. Our goal is to promote this sport into a higher level by providing enjoyment for the spectators, fair competition, trophies, and last but not least higher prize money. R&R's high set of standards has created a following of drivers that attend their events.

We can increase the quality of your event with our advertisement, experienced staff and high quality of drivers. R&R will promote your event for a flat fee. This fee includes R&R's staff, technicians, officals, and advertisement. We require your event to follow our established set of rules. Your event will be included on R&R's list of events which are mailed to drivers across the midwest. While you keep all the proceeds, driver fee, pit passes and admissions, R&R is willing to coordinate the collection of these items.

Demolition Derby Specialist Rob Baker is recognized as an experienced driver across the midwest. Their staff's experience gives them the knowledge and expertise to present a top knotch event.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns by clicking here.

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